Friday, 29th of May

Synthesis report and inform on Labour Market Integration of Third-Country Nationals in EU Member States

We are pleased to inform you that the synthesis report and the corresponding inform of the EMN study “Labour Market Integration of Third-Country Nationals in EU Member States” are now available.

The study aims to provide an overview of existing labour market integration policies in Member States targeting third-country nationals. It focusses on current policies and those either recently implemented. Study is based on national contributions from 25 Member States. It offers examples of promising labour market integration measures implemented by the public sector as well as tailored employment-related initiatives provided by the private sector. The research focuses on first-generation migrants whose legal residence in the EU countries and have a right to work.

We would like to point out that the research also uses Eurostat data, which include third-country nationals who are not citizens of Latvia or another European Union Member State, European Economic Area country or Swiss Confederation, but include non-citizens of Latvia as third-country nationals, which form the basis for conclusions in some sections.