Friday, 25th of June


Conference ‘The impact of visa liberalisation in countries of destination – challenges and solutions in the Baltic region’

The conference took place on 17th of April, 2019 at the Ministry of the Interior in Latvia, gathering together policy makers, academics and decision-makers. The topic was widely discussed – what are the aspects of positive and negative influence on visa liberalization within the EU and third counties, how the liberalization of visa will impact the citizens on national-state level and what kind of actions EU will take.  The Baltic state countries provided their insight on challenges and solutions that they are facing with the visa liberalization process. Representatives of Ukraine and Georgia provided their opinions on vise free regime, as well as gave an insight into challenges that they are facing, and how they are trying to limit them.


Conference “Practical aspects of the recognition of victims of trafficking in human beings”

To prompte awareness of recognition of the victims of trafficking in human beings and to give an overview of the public authorities  during the conference presentations were given by officials from involved state institutions.  In order to promote closer cooperation between public authorities and other organizations in identifying the victims of trafficking in human beings reprasentatives from non-govermental organizations  also presented their practice. Within the conference foreign experience in the implementation of inter institutional cooperation was acquired from Luxembourgh, Sweden and Finland.


Conference on Migrants in an Irregular Situation, whose Return or Removal has been Postponed

The Latvian Contact Point of the European Migration Network in co-operation with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights held a conference on Migrants in an Irregular Situation, whose Return or Removal has been Postponed. It brought together 75 participants, mostly officials from the institutions responsible for the management of migration issues.

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