Synthesis reports

New EMN study published: integration of migrant women

This study focuses on the main areas covered by the EU Action plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027 that support the integration of migrant women for example in education and training, employment and skills, health and housing as these are considered by the Action Plan the base for societal integration.

EMN Annual Report explores trends on migration and asylum in 2021

The European Migration Network (EMN) has released its Annual Report on Migration and Asylum, providing an overview of the key developments in the EU Member States, Norway and Georgia in 2021. While the COVID-19 crisis continued to have an impact on migration and asylum in 2021, political unrest exerted pressure on the asylum and reception systems. …

EMN Annual Report explores trends on migration and asylum in 2021 Read More »

EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2020

The year 2020 brought about unforeseen developments in the areas of migration and asylum. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the number of migrants, asylum applicants and returns, and also acted as a catalyst for development of new digital solutions in asylum and migration management.

New EMN study on Data Management in the Asylum Procedure

What kind of data is collected by EU Member States and Norway and how is the data managed in the different phases of the asylum procedure? This new EMN Study provides comparable information and examples from 25 countries on different aspects of data management

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