Asylum and Migration Glossary

The glossary for asylum and migration terms is one of the most important jobs of the European Migration Network. It promotes a common understanding of migration terms and clarifies them.

The glossary uses a variety of sources, giving priority to the European Union’s asylum and immigration legislation. The European Commission ‘s website contains version 7 of the dictionary in English, updated in June 2020 and supplemented with 28 new terms.

Version 6 of the European Migration Network’s Asylum and Migration Glossary is now available on the phone in Latvian. Download the EMN Glossary app on your phone: Android for users and iOS users.

For those who have already downloaded the app, please update it. Select the Latvian language in the settings and find the term you want for yourself in Latvian. A definition available for each term in Latvian, other terms associated with this term, a link to the source document of the definition in Latvian (where the source of the definition is not a European Union law, the corresponding source is indicated). The terms contained in the definitions have a link to the particular document. You can easily find other terms associated with a specific term by using the “visual search” button.

For terms included in the dictionary application, a representation of terms is available in almost all languages of the European Union. The app is currently available in English, Italian, Latvian, Finnish and German.

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