Roundtable discussion on new approaches to EU migration: innovations in designing and implementing new labour migration pathways

The European Migration Network (EMN) and the World Bank Group (WBG) have the pleasure to invite you to a discussion on the topic of New approaches to EU Migration: Innovations in designing and implementing new labour migration pathways, taking place online on the  June 1, 3:30-5:00pm CEST. Latvian time: 16:30-17:00.

The purpose of this roundtable discussion is to engage and advance our understanding of the following questions:

* What are the interests and labour market needs in countries of origin and destination? What are important elements to consider in designing fair and effective labour migration programs?
* Who are the main stakeholders in these pilot initiatives and why does a public-private partnership make sense?
* What can we learn from these pilot initiatives and how can they be upscaled into long term, mutually beneficial, structured and sustainable partnerships?

Speakers (TBC)

* Alexander Wilhelm, Director of International Placement Services (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency, Germany
* Representative of Enabel (Belgian Development Agency)
* Rob de Lobel, LHD Programme and Policy Officer, IOM Belgium
* Salima Bensalem, Head of International Placement, ANAPEC
Moderator: Manjula Luthria, Senior Economist at the World Bank
Opening and closing remarks: Julia Lendorfer, Head of Research and Migration Law at IOM (EMN AT)

Please find attached a short background note for the virtual event.

To register for the event click the link below:


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