Wednesday, 14th of April

Welcome to the web site of the Latvian Contact Point of the European Migration Network!

The objective of the Network is to meet the information needs of Community institutions and of Member States’ authorities and institutions on migration and asylum, by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum, with a view to supporting policymaking in the European Union in these areas.


Roundtable Discussion on Public Perceptions of Migration

The European Migration Network (EMN) and the World Bank Group (WBG) have the pleasure to invite you to a discussion on the topic of Public Perceptions of Migration, taking place online on the 13 April, 4-5:30pm CET.


Ad-Hoc Queries News Flash

EMN National Contact Points and the European Commission use ad-hoc queries to collect information from Member States and Norway in a relatively short time on a wide range of asylum- and migration-related issues, e.g. legal migration, irregular migration, borders, return, visas etc.


The Republic of Moldova and Georgia joins the European Migration Network

In March 2021, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia joined the European Migration Network as observers. The working arrangement represents an important step towards reinforced cooperation in the areas of migration and asylum.


EMN study on seasonal workers in the EU and the UK

How are seasonal workers attracted and their rights protected in the EU Member States and the UK? According to a new study by the European Migration Network (EMN), many countries aspire to attract seasonal workers from non-EU/EEA countries to fill labour market shortages, typically in agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. Protecting the rights of seasonal workers is one of the objectives of the Seasonal Workers Directive (EU), adopted in 2016, which provides for equal treatment of third-country nationals, but also gives Member States power limit their access to certain rights.


Joint webinar “Missing children in the European Union” (UPDATED)

We invite you to take part in the joint webinar of the EMN Contact Points of Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Luxembourg on “Missing Children in the European Union”, which will take place on Thursday, 3 December 2020, from 11:00 to 14:00 This webinar is the first of two events jointly organized by four EMN NCPs […]